The east of England hits five million doses of the covid vaccine

In the east of England more than five million doses of the covid vaccine have been given so far, with in excess of one and a half million people receiving both doses of the vaccine to date.

Nearly three and a half million people in the east of England have had at least one dose of the covid vaccine, in what is the biggest vaccination programme in the health service’s history.

Catherine Morgan, chief nurse for the East of England for NHS England and NHS Improvement, said: “This is another significant milestone for the vaccination programme in the east of England, and it means that people in our communities are already benefiting from protection from coronavirus.

“I thank every single person who has contributed to this vast challenge, and if you receive an invitation for your first or second dose of vaccine please do accept it – you will join the millions of other people protecting themselves and others, helping to continue our progress back towards normal life.”


Vaccination stats for the east of England, correct as of 3 May:

  • First dose: 3,478,308
  • Second dose: 1,570,269
  • Cumulative total doses: 5,048,577


The full data is available here: