Vaccine fast pass for pregnant women

Pregnant women can fast track access to their vaccination or booster jab when they arrive at a vaccination centre, the NHS has confirmed.

Pregnant women making themselves known to vaccination staff will be fast tracked to get their jab, avoiding potential queues or long waits.

Although these special arrangements for pregnant women have been in place for a while, the NHS is issuing the reminder on the day that the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation said pregnant women should be a priority group, because of the risk of covid to them and their unborn child.

Tiffany Hemming, the vaccination programme lead for the NHS in the East of England region said:

“Getting your vaccination or booster jab is vital for everyone, and in particular pregnant women because of the risk of the virus to them and their unborn child.

“If you are pregnant and arrive at a vaccine centre for your jab, please make a member of staff aware and they will support you to move to the front of the queue so that you can receive your vaccination as quickly as possible.

“Pregnant women will be also be prioritised at GP clinics and local pharmacies where facilities allow it.

“Vaccination remains the best way to protect against the known risks of COVID-19 in pregnancy for both mother and baby, including admission to intensive care and premature birth.”

In recent days, there have been long queues as people wait to get their vaccination, and vaccination centres are working hard to welcome everybody through the door and deliver jabs as quickly as possible.

The whole NHS is working at record speed to meet this new national mission to turbo-charge the COVID-19 booster programme and protect communities against the new Omicron variant, as well as being there for those who need care urgently.

Walk-in vaccination appointments are available in some places, but booking is encouraged so head to or call 119 to guarantee your jab.