Top Midlands doctor assures patients about safe cancer treatment

NHS staff in the Midlands have worked very hard to make sure that cancer tests and treatment can go ahead quickly and safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. So, it’s vital that you contact your GP if you think there’s something wrong and it might be cancer.

The key signs to look out for include; bleeding that’s not from an obvious injury, weight loss or loss of appetite, and any type of pain that just won’t go away. Usually, the chances are that it’s nothing serious, but it’s vital to find cancers early so treatment can be started sooner and then there’s a better chance of being cured.

In this video Dr Paul Ferguson, Consultant at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, explains that the NHS has taken every step to ensure the safety of cancer patients. Dr Ferguson also talks about the dangers of delaying being checked out if you think you might have cancer.