NHS in Midlands vaccinates more than 67% of care home residents in four weeks

The NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Programme in the Midlands has vaccinated more than 67% of its eligible older adult care home residents since the campaign began on 3 April.

Roving teams of NHS staff have visited care homes across the Midlands to offer the spring jab. They will continue to visit the remaining older adult care homes in the coming weeks to offer protection to all residents.

To date, the NHS in the Midlands has administered more than 443,000 spring vaccinations in total.

Around 1.27 million people in the Midlands (690,000 in the West Midlands and 580,000 in the East Midlands) in total are eligible for a spring covid jab in line with JCVI guidance, which includes care home residents, people 75 and over and those aged five and over with a weakened immune system.

Everyone eligible is able to get vaccinated by booking an appointment online or through the NHS App at one of thousands of local sites, including community pharmacies and GP practices.

It is the first time that millions have been sent their initial invitations through the NHS App, where they can also book an appointment, as the NHS continues to expand its technological capabilities.

Text messages and letters will also be sent to those without the app or not actively using it.

The NHS – now in its 75th year – has nationally administered more than 145 million covid jabs over several vaccination campaigns since Maggie Keenan became the first in the world outside of a clinical trial to receive the vaccination in December 2020.

Roz Lindridge, the NHS England director responsible for overseeing the vaccination programme across the Midlands, said: “Our vaccination teams are doing an incredible job, already giving so many care home residents the protection they need from covid this spring.

Outside of care homes, anyone who has been invited for a covid vaccine but yet to take it up, should come forward now – it is not too late and I would urge you to book an appointment at your local pharmacy, GP or via the National Booking Service, as soon as possible.

“So if you are over 75 or you have a weakened immune system, then please come forward as soon as possible to book a covid vaccine this spring so you can enjoy summer with peace of mind. The last spring vaccination appointments will be offered on 30 June.”