Children with long term health conditions should be vaccinated against flu this winter, practice nurse Julie Payne advises

Practice nurse Julie Payne and mum Emma Jones have joined forces to encourage parents to get children with long term health conditions vaccinated against flu this winter.  Julie and Emma’s daughter Ellie, have recorded a short video message, talking about flu and the flu vaccination.

11 year old Ellie, has asthma and Emma is well aware how serious the flu virus could be for her.

Practice nurse Julie Payne, who is based in Lostock Hall Medical Centre said: “Most children with long term health conditions are usually well managed but should they get the flu it can exacerbate their condition, leading them to be very poorly with serious health complications and in some cases in hospital.

“As a nurse I don’t like seeing children seriously ill with flu on top of their long term health condition so please get your children vaccinated this winter.”

Flu is a highly contagious infection that anyone can catch. The flu vaccination is available free of charge to all children with long term health conditions and is given in the form of a nasal spray to anyone aged 16 and under. 

Emma Jones said: “I wouldn’t want Ellie to catch the flu on top of her asthma.  She’s had her vaccination against the flu this year already.

“I would encourage any parent who has a child with a long term health condition to have their children vaccinated against the flu. It’s a quick nasal spray, which is painless and takes seconds to do.”

The local NHS is sharing the film clip on-line;
Julie Payne video:
Ellie video:

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