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The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health made an unarguable case for transforming mental health care in England.  The region’s Mental Health and Dementia Programme Board, chaired by Dr. Mike Prentice Regional Medical Director, brings together medical and assurance teams across NHS England North to deliver the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health.

The programme board aims are:

  • To coordinate effort across the region, in delivering on the challenges set out in the Mental Health Five Year Forward View Taskforce publication with a focus on 2016/17 delivery
  • Through the use of improved intelligence, focus on truly understanding the unmet need of those with mental health illness with a focus on improving outcomes, understanding root-causes and enabling Key Performance Indicators as well as delivering standards
  • To make sure there is an effective, consistent mental health assurance infrastructure in place across the region which fulfils an appropriate role in line with that of physical health as per the Parity of Esteem agenda
  • To support the share and spread of good practice, with a strong emphasis on learning from those who are sustainably delivering and understanding their ‘winning formula’
  • To improve mental health commissioning across the region providing support and guidance where required
  • To link local, regional and national governance arrangements and streamline communications
  • To unblock issues which cannot be resolved at the more local level commissioning task and finish work as required or escalating these for national attention, if needed.

North Regional Early Intervention in Psychosis Event

Less than 5 years ago EIP services in this country were in decline with may reporting cuts to their budgets and workforce reductions. Specialist teams were being decommissioned, caseloads were growing and for the first time in a decade, a generation of young people with first episode psychosis were at risk of not getting the care and treatment that had been shown to be so effective.

The Government responded with its ‘Better Access’ policy, setting new waiting time targets and refreshing the national specification for EIP.  EIP is once again a national priority for the NHS; it is one of the key deliverables in the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and there are exacting targets, quality standards and investment plans to support its development.

After nearly three years, a great deal of progress has been made and there is much to celebrate. There is still a lot to do and by working together we believe that all EIP teams can achieve high quality services.

On 27th September 2018 the North region held an event with brought together those involved in EIP services from across the North of England. The day was spent reviewing progress, celebrating achievements and good practice and discussing next steps including the latest plans for ensuring investment reaches teams and how we plan to oversee and the commissioning and delivery of high quality services with a new ‘Triangulation’ process.

Please see the link here for the presentations and workshops from this event here.

NHS 70 Focus on Mental Health

Over the past 70 years mental health has seen massive strides in funding, diagnosis, treatments and reducing the stigma that used to surround it.   No longer do we have asylums where the mentally ill are locked away from society; –mental health is seen as just as important as physical health and care in the home and in the community is now the norm.

We have invested in brand new state of the art in-patient facilities.   More and more psychological therapy is now accessible either through your GP or online via the telephone and lots of these services are self-referral, meaning it is easier to get  access.  The advent of social media groups and apps like Headspace mean access to immediate help and support from people with the same or similar condition on mobile devices.

Find out more about how we are celebrating progress and innovation in mental health in the North here.


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