Equality and Inclusion (EDI)

The London Workforce Equality & Inclusion Team was established in 2020 to implement the recommendations of the London Workforce Race Strategy. The London Workforce Race Strategy, published in October 2020, sets out a clear and powerful vision, outlining the challenge and complexity involved in addressing race inequality in London and provides 15 evidence-based recommendations on how London’s NHS can make a significant and tangible difference to the experiences of its BME workforce, while recognising that this will require a long-term commitment.

The London Workforce Equality & Inclusion Team’s remit is to support regional systems and initiatives and is expanding from race to include other protected characteristics and intersectional EDI programmes.

London Workforce Race Strategy

An evidence-based strategy that aims to improve the experiences of black and minority ethnic (BME) staff in the capital.

London People Board

Our Anti-Racism Statement for London endorsed by the NHS England People Board.