Lancashire mum-to-be and midwife speaks out on the importance of the flu jab in pregnancy

Louise Noblett, who works as a midwife at Blackburn Birthing Centre and is currently six months pregnant with her second child, had her free flu vaccination. She said it is important that mums-to-be and their unborn babies are protected from flu because it can cause complications including potential miscarriage or premature birth.

Louise, said: “As a mum I want to make sure my baby is protected this winter from flu, it’s completely safe to have at any stage of your pregnancy and is free and quick to have. There are too many risks to my unborn baby and me if catch flu”.

Last year across the North West 20,940 pregnant women had their flu vaccination. This year the NHS aims to ensure more pregnant women and their unborn babies are protected from flu and its potentially serious risks.

Marie Boles, Director Of Nursing for NHS North West said:  “It’s very important for pregnant women to have their flu vaccination and protect themselves and their unborn baby to.  Flu is a serious illness and if caught whilst pregnant can have serious consequences to unborn babies such as low birth weight and being born to early. Speak to your GP or midwife about getting your flu vaccination”.

Community midwife Vicky said: “Pregnancy naturally weakens the body’s immune system and, as a result, increases the risk of a mother and unborn baby becoming seriously ill from flu.  These risks include bronchitis, pneumonia this is why it’s so important for mums to be to have their flu vaccination.  It protects them and their baby and give some immunity to the baby from flu in the first few months of its life”.

All pregnant women are recommended to receive the flu vaccine no matter what stage of their pregnancy they are at.  Now is the ideal time for mums-to-be to have their free flu vaccination – either from their GP or midwife.

Watch our short video with Louise and Vicky about the flu vaccination for pregnant women.