Danielle Marginson – Ward Sister – Surgical day case unit

Danielle Marginson - LTHFT

Name and role Danielle Marginson, Ward Sister, Surgical Day Case Unit, Royal Preston Hospital, LTHTR.


On a typical day we have approx. 30-40 patients per day undergoing surgery under General or Local anaesthetic who are planned to be discharged the same day. We nurse patient’s pre and post-operatively including nurse-led discharge for a wide range of surgical specialities.


One way I’ve made a difference as a nurse or midwife

I have undertaken the non-medical independent prescribing course in order to become an independent nurse prescriber. This now allows me to provide patients with prescriptions post operatively eliminating the need for patients to wait for doctors to review them on the ward prior to their discharge. This has ensured that patients are now discharged in a timely manner while still receiving their required analgesia or antibiotics as required. This ensures as a busy unit we maintain flow through the unit to ensure we are able to treat more patients.


What would you say to a young person interested in a career in nursing & midwifery?

Nursing is a fulfilling and rewarding vocation. There are many areas to nursing that you can explore and progress throughout your career. As a nurse we have the honour of meeting people at often the most vulnerable time of their lives, on an intimate and personal level, while also providing skilled and knowledgeable care.


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