Our partner organisations

Through greater collaboration and partnership working clinical networks (CNs) offer the ability to develop best value care pathways with long lasting improvements across all care settings (community, primary, secondary, tertiary care), ensuring that healthcare improvements are evidence-based and steeped in clinical guidance. The work programme of the CNs focus on supporting the NHS national priorities including improving care for people with cancer or mental health conditions.

  • East of England Clinical Senate
  • Public Health England – The of Public Health England mission is to protect and improve the nation’s health and to address inequalities
  • NHS England – About the Clinical Networks
  • Eastern Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) – The Eastern AHSN exists to accelerate innovation and economic growth in life sciences and healthcare, to benefit patients
  • UCL Partners – UCL Partners translate cutting-edge research and innovation into health and wealth gains for patients and populations – in London, across the UK and globally
  • Health Education England – Health Education England are the NHS engine that will deliver a better health and healthcare workforce for England. They are responsible for the education, training and personal development of every member of staff, and recruiting for values. They are England’s health and healthcare people service.

Clinical networks

Role Name Email
South East Coast Associate Director Deborah Tomalin Deborah.tomalin@nhs.net
South West Coast Associate Director Sunita Berry sunita.berry1@nhs.net
Wessex Associate Director Lucy Sutton lucy.sutton@nhs.net
West Midlands Associate Director Anna Morton anna.morton1@nhs.net
East Midlands Associate Director Roz Lindridge r.lindridge@nhs.net
London Associate Director Lucy Grothier l.grothier@nhs.net
Cheshire & Merseyside Jan Vaughan jan.vaughan1@nhs.net
Greater Manchester Associate Director Janet Ratcliffe janet.ratcliffe@nhs.net
Northern England Associate Director Roy McLachlan roy.mclachlan@nhs.net
Yorkshire & Humber Associate Director Ian Golton ian.golton@nhs.net

Clinical Senates

Clinical Senates have been established to be a source of independent, strategic advice and guidance to commissioners and other stakeholders to assist them to make the best decisions about healthcare for the populations they represent.

Role Name Email
East of England Sue Edwards sue.edwards17@nhs.net
South East Coast Ali Parsons aliparsons@nhs.net / www.secsenate.nhs.uk
London Sue Dutch sheenamccabe@nhs.net
East Midlands Sarah Hughes sarah.hughes25@nhs.net
West Midlands Angela Knight Jackson angela.knightjackson1@nhs.net
Cheshire and Merseyside Jan Vaughan jan.vaughan@cmcn.nhs.uk
Greater Manchester, Lancashire & South Cumbria Juliette Kumar Juliette.kumar@nhs.net
Northern England Wendy Ryder wendy.ryder1@nhs.net
Yorkshire & Humber Joanna Poole Joanna.poole1@nhs.net
South West Coast Ella Devine elliedevine@nhs.net
Wessex Thames Valley Wendy McClure wendy.mcclure@nhs.net
Debbie Kennedy debbie.kennedy1@nhs.net