NHS East of England equality, diversity and inclusion

As the East of England Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) regulator, our role is to support NHS organisations within the region to meet their legal public sector duties under the Equality Act 2010 and deliver key priorities set out in the NHS People Plan.

NHS staff are tremendous and relentless, providing high quality and responsive services to our patients. Our work on the EDI agenda is to support organisations and our people in ensuring their experience at work is the best it can be.

This page provides an overview of our key priorities, and the resources to help organisations create workplace environments that are inclusive, equitable and compassionate.

“I believe that in the East of England it is really important that we have a working environment where all colleagues are respected and valued, feel able to bring their whole self to work, can contribute their skills and capabilities, know that they have a voice within the region and that their opinions and experiences really matter.

We want all staff to be confident in having open and honest conversations about inclusion, so that we reflect all the time, learn and grow continuously as people and as an organisation and bring the NHS Values to life through our daily interactions with each other.”

Ann Radmore, Regional Director (East of England)

A picture of a woman smiling at the camera“By working with all of our key strategic partners across health and social care systems in the east, our aim is to ensure that our workforce is representative of the communities we serve and our organisations are compassionate and inclusive; actively seeking to remove institutionalised barriers that prevent our people from flourishing.

We want to ensure that our rich and diverse population is reflected in our workforce, celebrating the benefits that diversity brings to our patients and the communities we serve and that all staff feel a sense of place and belonging. We are working hard to create an inclusive and fair culture that permeates across all levels of the NHS. All of this work is driven by the goal of improving patient safety and experience.”

Harprit Hockley, Head of Equality and Inclusion (East of England)