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Contact details for the Screening and Immunisation Teams, Health Protection Team, Community and School-Aged Immunisations Service (CSAIS) and Child Health Information Service providers are listed below for health care professionals use.


If you are a member of the public seeking information about NHS screening or immunisation programmes please go to the NHS website or speak to your GP, practice nurse or other health care professional.


East of England screening and immunisation team

For Immunisation Queries

East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs & Peterborough):

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (HBLMK):


For Screening Queries

East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs & Peterborough):

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (HBLMK):



Health Protection Team (HPT)

HPTs provide support to health professionals, including:

  • local disease surveillance
  • alert systems
  • investigating and managing health protection incidents
  • national and local action plans for infectious diseases.


Tel: 0300 303 8537


Community and School-Aged Immunisation Service (CSAIS)

In the East of England there are two providers that offer the UK vaccination programme to school aged children.

1. Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust (HCT)

The CSAIS teams offer the full UK vaccination programme to all school aged children in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk and Suffolk.

They also provide BCG and At-Risk Hepatitis B vaccinations to babies and young children.  The team follow a yearly programme, and work with Vaccination UK (who deliver the influenza programme each year).

2. Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT)

The Immunisation and Vaccination team consists of Registered Nurses and support staff.

The team works in partnership with schools and the local authorities to deliver the commissioned school aged based Immunisation Programme to all children attending schools (State and Independent) and young people who are home educated, across Essex.


Service Information

The mainstream schools flu session (primary and secondary) are delivered by Vaccination UK across Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk, Suffolk.

HCT CSAIS teams across these areas only deliver to Special schools and Pupil referral Units/ESC’s and home educated children.

If a child misses in school (mainstream) they will need to contact Vaccination UK to arrange an appointment at one of their community clinics.

If in SEND/PRU/ESC and missed at school or home educated then to contact CSAIS teams to book into clinic.


Hertfordshire and East Anglia Community and School Age Immunisation Service

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust (

Email Telephone
Cambridgeshire & Peterborough 0300 555 5055
Norfolk 0300 555 5055
Suffolk 0300 555 5055
East Anglia (primary flu)



Cambs and Peterborough

01462 427008
Hertfordshire 0300 555 5055
Hertfordshire (primary flu) 01462 427008


Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust



BLMK 0300 790 0594
Essex 0300 790 0594


Child Health Information Service (CHIS)

Essex and East Anglia Child Health Information Service (CHIS) (



East Anglia 0300 303 9996
Essex 0300 303 9996
Herts & BLMK Child Health 01707 396888


For COVID-19 Queries please contact RVOC on