Greener NHS

Climate change poses a major threat to our health as well as our planet. The environment is changing, that change is accelerating, and this has direct and immediate consequences for our patients, the public and the NHS.

The Greener NHS programme will work with our staff, hospitals and our partners. We will build on the great work being done by trusts across the country, sharing ideas on how to reduce the impact on public health and the environment, save money and reach net carbon zero.

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In October 2020, the NHS became the world’s first health service to commit to reaching carbon net zero, in response to the profound and growing threat to health posed by climate change. The “Delivering a Net Zero Health Service” report sets out a clear ambition and two evidence-based targets. Thanks to NHS people, partners, and suppliers, we’re already on the way to building a greener NHS. One year on from setting out these targets, the NHS has reduced its emissions equivalent to powering 1.1 million homes annually. Together, we can achieve even more.

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Blog: Greener NHS and School for Change Agents join forces to create change in health and care

“Every day brings new challenges, but today a global community for change brings new hope.” Meet Bethany. A midwife in Newcastle who supported the delivery of the first “climate-friendly” baby. Or Arun, an anaesthetist in London who piloted a project with co-worker Rachael that safely and quickly eliminated the use of harmful gas, desflurane. Or […]