Governance and structure

The London Clinical Networks are hosted within the medical directorate of NHS England (London region).

They are non statutory bodies, providing expert clinical advice to commissioners. As such, they do not have a legal duty to commission health services.

Each year, the networks publish an agreed business plan of the overall work programme of quality improvement and are assured against it on a quarterly basis, reporting to the executive team through the regional medical director.

Each Clinical Network has a clinical leadership group, chaired by a clinical director, which provides multidisciplinary clinical specialist insight and advice to the network. Harnessing this expertise from clinicians with commissioners and patients, the London Clinical Networks can ensure that evidence based clinical knowledge links with commissioning decisions at a capital-wide reach. The networks ensure patients are involved and engaged across all strands of work through a variety of methods, including appointment of service users to clinical leadership groups and development of relationships with the third sector which can represent the patient voice and offer service user insight.