Information for professionals in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

We are based in Oxford and work as a team across the whole of Thames Valley; Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. We all have particular roles, but provide cross-cover if any of us are away.



  • A range of downloadable forms are available for practices.

Useful links for primary care

Interpretation and Translation

  • Interpretation and translation services are available for practices. These are paid for by NHS England.


Face-to-face interpretation:
Prestige Network
Tel: 0845 388 7840
Via online booking:

Telephone interpretation:
Language Line
Tel: 0845 603 7915
ID code: As supplied to each practice – contact the primary care team in case of difficulty

BSL interpretation:
Deaf Direct
Tel:  via the Prestige number 0845 388 7840
Contacts for queries:


Face-to-face and Telephone interpretation:
To access all interpreting services call 01442 867212

Berkshire West

Interpretation and Translation Services
Reading Borough Council
Civic Centre, Reading, RG1 7AE.
Tel: 0118 937 2033 (Monday to Friday  9am to 5pm)
Out of hours  0118 9373737
Email: Interpretation&

Berkshire East

Interpretation services are provided by DA Languages.

Face-to-Face, including BSL services, and telephone interpretation is booked through their DA Link portal. Each provider has been contacted by DA Languages and provided with the Client User Guide.

NHS England finances the use of these interpretation services.

Telephone interpretation should be the default requirement unless there are extenuating patient circumstances that warrant the use of face-to-face interpretation.

Please note that although a translation service is described in the User Guide this is not funded by NHS England.

Should you have any queries, DA Languages can be contacted at: or telephone: 0161 928 2533