Our work

Core functions

  • Cover the whole dental pathway, including secondary care and out of hours
  • Key role in supporting the development of quality measures for dental secondary care, including CQUIN payments
  • Will need to work closely with local authorities and PHE to deliver and develop cohesive oral health strategies and associated commissioning plans


The meetings are held on a quarterly basis.

Previous Minutes

Any previous minutes not shown can be forwarded by contacting Gemma Michael at gemma.michael@nhs.net

Membership and governance

Membership is locally determined but will include:

  • Clinical chair
  • Patient representative
  • Local clinicians, as agreed to form clinical majority
  • Other specialists, such as public health
  • Senior commissioning manager from area team who is responsible for ensuring adequate administrative input and other support

Members are not necessarily be appointed to represent a given interest, they are appointed for the quality of their leadership, credibility and knowledge. An engagement plan, agreed by the network governing body ensures that the network remains inclusive and that the Local Dental Network as a whole is representative of the range of members interests, with a clear focus on improving outcomes. They will typically be appointed for three years and then subject to review, in line with locally agreed governance arrangements.