Direct commissioning

Direct Commissioning, South West, is responsible for the planning and buying (commissioning) of primary care (dental, pharmacy and optometry services), public health section 7a screening and immunisation and child health information (CHIS) services, specialised care and health care in prisons and secure settings. The Direct Commissioning South West team is responsible for commissioning services from prevention right through to highly specialised care. The teams are working with each Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) and Integrated Care System (ICS) to contribute to the development of plans to address health inequalities, clinical variation and design pathways that fit patient need, are sustainable and deliver best practice across the South West region.

Specialised commissioning

Within the Direct Commissioning directorate, the Specialised Commissioning team is responsible for planning and buying specialised services. These are services for patients who have relatively rare conditions that need treatment e.g. rare forms of cancer; renal disease; neuro surgery. There are over 130 specialised services The team work with clinicians to develop services or new ways to deliver care for patients that improve health outcomes, are sustainable and reduce variation in the standard of care.

Specialised commissioning

Health and justice

Within the Direct Commissioning directorate, the Health and Justice team is responsible for commissioning health care for children, young people and adults across secure and detained settings, which include prisons, secure facilities for children and young people, police and court Liaison and Diversion services and immigration removal centres. Adults, children and young people will receive health screening on entering prison and a follow-up appointment within seven days, or sooner as required.

Primary Care Commissioning

The primary care team in the South West Direct Commissioning Directorate commission pharmacy, dental and optometry services and have delegated the commissioning of general practice medical services to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across 90 per cent of the South West region. The team also working with local systems (STPs and ICSs) to support primary care transformation and the development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

Public health commissioning

NHS England is responsible for screening and immunisation programmes. Specialist public health staff from Public Health England (PHE) are embedded in the Public Health team within the Direct Commissioning Directorate.

Services for the armed forces

NHS England commissions health services or facilities for members of the armed forces or their families. This duty is carried out by NHS England’s National team. Find out about services for members of the armed forces