Trusts and ICSs

Within the South West region, NHS England work in partnership with local Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and NHS Trusts, community and mental health providers.  You can find further information about them via these links.

South West

Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) in the South West region

Integrated care systems (ICSs) are partnerships of organisations that come together to plan and deliver joined up health and care services, and to improve the lives of people who live and work in their area.

Following several years of locally led development, recommendations of NHS England and passage of the Health and Care Act (2022), 42 ICSs were established across England on a statutory basis on 1 July 2022. Each Integrated Care System will have two statutory elements, an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) and Integrated Care Board (ICB).

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Acute Trusts in the South West region

Community and Mental Health Trusts and Providers in the South West region

Ambulance Trusts in the South West region