Specialised Commissioning

NHS England is responsible for commissioning £15.6 billion of specialised services to meet a wide range of health and care needs. These include a range of services from renal dialysis and secure inpatient mental health services, through to treatments for rare cancers and life threatening genetic disorders. The commissioning of specialised services is a prescribed direct commissioning responsibility of NHS England.

Adult cystic fibrosis services

The Wessex Cystic Fibrosis service is reviewing how services are provided following changes in staffing. NHS England is working together with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust,  University Hospital Southampton and Poole Hospital to engage with patients.

Dorset cystic fibrosis patients had an opportunity to hear from the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, doctors and NHS managers about short term changes to support their local service together with proposals for the future on Friday December 16. There was also an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns, following a presentation. For those who were unable to take part, there will be a further chance to learn about the proposals and ask questions. Details are in a letter that was sent on 9 December 2016.