Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) funds innovations in maternity and learning disability and autism

The AAC – through the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Healthcare – has awarded £4.9 million to support the development of 5 innovations focused on maternity care and 5 on learning disability and autism.

The maternity innovations have been chosen for their potential to help with perinatal mental health, risk identification, stratification, intervention, and support for women post-discharge. Innovations include a culturally sensitive, linguistically appropriate, evidence-based information app and a 3D interactive breastfeeding tool.

The learning disability and autism innovations have been selected to help with the identification and diagnosis of people with a learning disability or autism.

Innovations include virtual reality to help autistic people and people with a learning disability to overcome anxiety, a digital tool to help neurodivergent children undergoing healthcare procedures, and a digital system to allow people with a learning disability and their carers to be more involved in annual health checks.

All the selected innovations had previously received six-month funding to demonstrate technical and commercial viability. This second phase of funding will enable 12 months of development and prototype evaluation prior to real-world implementation.

Verena Stocker, Interim Director of Innovation, Research, Life Sciences and Strategy, NHS England and Chief Executive Office, Accelerated Access Collaborative, said: “The SBRI Healthcare awards help the NHS to develop new technologies and solutions to address some of the biggest healthcare challenges facing society.

“We have selected these innovations because they have the potential to make a big difference to patients by helping to reduce healthcare inequalities in those communities most affected.

“By supporting the most promising innovations the NHS will continue to evolve, helping to meet more patients’ needs and encouraging more innovators to come forward with innovative ideas that benefit all.”

To find out more about the winners visit the SBRI Healthcare’s website.