Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) funds innovations to help make the NHS greener

The AAC – through the Small Business Research Initiative – has awarded £3.2 million to 22 innovations to help make the NHS greener.

Nineteen ‘phase 1’ projects were awarded £1.7 million to help them establish technical feasibility and three ‘phase 2’ innovations, which previously received phase 1 funding, received a combined £1.5 million for the development of prototypes and evaluation before real-world implementation.

The innovations include an automated system that can pre-clean a set of surgical instruments in two minutes and a sensor-rich haptic wearable insole, which monitors foot temperature and pressure to predict and prevent diabetic foot ulcers.

The Innovations were selected for their potential to help the NHS reach its net zero goals and increase efficiencies and productivity.

To find out more about the winners visit the SBRI Healthcare website.