Implementation Plan for the UK Strategy for Rare Diseases – progress report

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The UK Strategy for Rare Diseases was published by the Department of Health in November 2013. The Strategy contained a total of 51 commitments which all four countries have agreed to achieve by 2020. This is the first strategy of its kind, aiming to help build an understanding of rare diseases and boost research in this important area of healthcare. NHS England published the ‘Implementation Plan for the UK Strategy for Rare Diseases’ in January 2018. This Plan sets out NHS England’s delivery contribution to the UK Strategy.


The Plan should be read in conjunction with the Department of Health’s overall plan, which sets out the broader set of actions being taken by other parts of the health and care system against the commitments in the Strategy.

This update reviews progress against the dashboard of performance measures set out in the Plan and is in the order set out in the Plan for ease of reference.