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Spotlight on diabetes

The nature of diseases and their consequences have changed hugely over the 70 years of the NHS, as have the experiences and outlooks of the people who suffer those diseases. This is certainly true for diabetes. In 1948, most people with diabetes had Type 1 diabetes, an auto-immune disease that requires insulin injections to sustain […]

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Moving forward on equality and diversity

The Equality and Diversity Council at NHS England works to ensure everyone’s contribution to our health service is fairly recognised. In the first of two blogs, Joe O’Grady reports on the Council’s work and outlines what steps we can all take to ensure fair treatment for NHS patients and staff: My first experience of attending […]

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100 years of General Practice

To mark the 70th anniversary year of the NHS, a retired doctor looks at changes over the last century of general practice: In 1918 my father, George, was a medical student at Queen’s University Belfast. He was the first doctor in his branch of the family, although his younger brothers Sam and Howard joined him […]

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Health care mark three

As the King’s Fund publishes a report on the Primary and Acute Care System Vanguards today, its Chief Executive gives his views on the impact of innovation within the NHS: Over the past two years I’ve encountered two versions of the NHS. Version one is an NHS under severe pressure from growing demand for care […]

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