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Five areas NHS integrated care boards can improve diabetes care for people

As integrated care boards (ICBs) are established there is an opportunity to further shift the dial on diabetes prevention, treatment and care, building on improvements over the last two decades. Preventing type 2 diabetes and supporting the delivery of high-quality care for people living with all forms of diabetes are the priorities of the NHS […]

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Movement is medicine

Do you have any idea which land animal can move the longest without stopping? An antelope? A puma? No, it is us… Physical activity is not important for good health. It is essential. It is how we are designed. For 99% of the last 200,000 years, we have been hunter gathers covering huge distances to […]

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Greener NHS and School for Change Agents join forces to create change in health and care

“Every day brings new challenges, but today a global community for change brings new hope.” Meet Bethany. A midwife in Newcastle who supported the delivery of the first “climate-friendly” baby. Or Arun, an anaesthetist in London who piloted a project with co-worker Rachael that safely and quickly eliminated the use of harmful gas, desflurane. Or […]

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Better hospital food on the menu

We’ve all had times where we’ve been unwell and not felt like eating, especially as a hospital inpatient, or when we have reached for unhealthy food when we are busy, tired or stressed at work. But a nutritious meal can have a profound impact both on our mental and physical health and on our ability […]

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