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How Managing Heart Failure @home supports existing healthcare priorities

NHS England has set out an approach to managing heart failure at home that has given healthcare providers the opportunity to access funding and improve heart failure care through personalised care, remote monitoring and integrated services. The approach is called Managing Heart Failure @home and it advocates excellent, integrated heart failure care to help people […]

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What’s in a name? NHS Talking Therapies, for anxiety and depression – the new name for IAPT services

As clinical advisors who have worked on expanding psychological therapies across our careers, we are delighted that Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) services are being renamed as NHS Talking Therapies, for anxiety and depression, following a public consultation. In 2008 new NHS IAPT services were launched that made a simple promise to the public […]

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Putting anaesthetic emissions to bed: commitment on desflurane

Since its introduction in 1846, anaesthesia has saved countless lives. It has enabled the safe and humanitarian delivery of procedures and operations that simply could not have happened otherwise. Today, anaesthetists provide general, regional and local anaesthesia, as well as lead preparation for and recovery from surgery. They provide support for women and babies around […]

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Skill mix in dentistry – the next steps in a team sport

Since 2013, in private practice it’s been pretty common for dental therapists and hygienists to provide direct access to care for patients. Administrative processes have been a barrier to dental therapists and dental hygienists opening and closing an NHS course of treatment – this means that, although direct access has been common in private practice, […]

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It has never been more important for allied health professionals to come forward for their vaccinations

We are now seeing significant pressures on health services including high levels of hospital admissions from flu, with cases in hospital now more than seven times higher than November 2022. As allied health professionals (AHPs), you can protect yourself and those you care for against these potentially serious viruses by getting both the flu vaccine […]

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