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On and on and on

NHS England’s Personalised Care Group Clinical Director gives his view on how a personalised self care approach makes self-management achievable and rewarding: It’s Self Care Week this week but for those of us living with long term health conditions it’s self care week every week. We have no option other than to live day to […]

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Accelerating Innovation in the NHS

The NHS RightCare Hot Housing Implementation Lead for the North region reflects on what is changing so that future innovations can be adopted sooner. Of the many different roles that I encountered when I started my nurse training in 1992, the best fit for me were those of a more technical nature. On qualifying in […]

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Building a stronger NHS

The Chief Executive of NHS Employers reflects on the progress of the Workforce Race Equality Standard: There are two management adages that often get quoted in policy development circles. Namely: “What gets measured gets done” – or some variation of this – and “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Both of these quotes are generally attributed […]

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Tricky decisions at Halloween

What do you think of when you hear the word “Halloween”? My guess would be bright orange pumpkins and children dressed as witches or ghosts out doing “trick or treat”. It may be an American construct, but Halloween becomes more popular every year and shops seem to start stocking costumes, pumpkins and treats the minute […]

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