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The power of the written word

Every day patients and staff across the NHS take the time to share their experiences. The national NHS survey programme plays a key role in making this happen and we know that many individual NHS providers go to great lengths to invite feedback from staff, patients and their carers. This information is hugely valuable as […]

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Sharing decisions and planning care, including at the end of life

Professor Alf Collins, Professor Jonathan Silverman and Dr Andrew McDonald’s blog on the three compelling reasons why we should focus on improving communication between patients and healthcare professionals, following the recent publication of Goals of Care.  National survey data tells us that patients want more support to help them manage their health and wellbeing, and […]

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Asking patients “what matters to you” to personalise health and care

On this 2021 ‘What matters to you day’, I ask all clinicians, system leaders and healthcare workers to consider how they can introduce one simple question into healthcare practice – “what matters to you?” People’s circumstances, values, and preferences really matter in the decision-making, design and delivery of their individual health and care. Despite over […]

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