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Commitment, energy and enthusiasm

The Director of the national Elective Care Transformation Programme explains how better elective care is improving people’s lives: When people think of the NHS, what often comes to mind is ambulances screeching along streets, teams of surgeons on standby, the triumph of lives saved against all the odds. Planned care can be equally life-saving, if usually […]

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Give Expo 2019 a go, you won’t regret it

A Patient Representative and Advocate reflects on previous Health and Care Innovation Expo events and previews Expo 2019: There are a couple of months to go before the doors open on Expo 2019 and they’ll go in a flash. I’m really excited to be running a session with a team of talented and committed people […]

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We have a crucial role to play

The Deputy Director of Business Intelligence at Imperial College Health Partners looks at how NHS data analysts are helping to transform health and care: They may be an army of keyboard warriors tucked away in the vaults of NHS buildings from Penzance to Carlisle and everywhere in between – but our hugely talented data analysts […]

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Improving the experience and care

As we approach the last week of the consultation on proposed guidance relating to individuals held within prisons and immigration removal centres who have been detained under the Mental Health Act for assessment and treatment, Alison Boreham reflects on her own experience of being imprisoned whilst mentally ill: At around 2am on 19 October 2009 […]

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How can we have the same outcomes when we’re not having the same experiences?

The statistics for racial disparity in mental health services are familiar and still shocking. Despite numerous cross-government efforts over the past 10 years, Black Caribbean and African people remain consistently overrepresented in mental health detention and are far more likely to come in contact with mental health services through the criminal justice system. Similarly, though […]

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