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The power of health coaching for all

Dr Ollie Hart, GP, Clinical Director of Heeley Plus Primary Care Network and Director of Peak Health Coaching, talks about how incorporating health coaching approaches into his consultations helped build self-management capabilities for his patients.Elaine Cross shares her experience of how this approach helped her explore a referral to a health and wellbeing coach, where […]

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Working with our patient safety partners in the NHS England London region

To mark this year’s World Patient Safety Day and the theme of engaging patients for patient safety in this blog, Jess Peck and Helen Keynes, patient safety specialists in NHS England’s London regional team, celebrate their two patient safety partners Derek Corbett and Amy Butler, by putting a series of questions to them about their role. […]

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World Patient Safety Day 2023: How engaging patients has accelerated our progress towards hepatitis C elimination

This year’s theme for World Patient Safety Day is engaging patients for patient safety, recognising the crucial role those with lived experience of conditions have in supporting better patient care. Patient engagement has been essential to NHS England’s world-leading hepatitis C elimination programme, with the goal of eliminating the virus as a public health threat […]

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How the national Patient Safety team engages patients for patient safety

The theme of this year’s World Patient Safety Day is ‘engaging patients for patient safety’. In this blog, Hester Wain, Head of Patient Safety Policy, along with Penny Phillips and Douglas Findlay, two of the patient safety partners working to support the national Patient Safety team, introduce NHS England’s work with patient safety partners. To […]

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Let your dreams be bigger than your fears: how I overcame adversity to become a surgeon

Surgeon Sala Abdalla believes young people from disadvantaged backgrounds shouldn’t think a career in medicine is beyond them. She shares her inspirational story and how she’s supporting other young women from under-represented groups to pursue a career in surgery. I wanted to become a doctor from as early as I can remember. I spent my […]

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