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Everyone is welcome in General Practice

This is absolutely true. Sadly, we know that many people, including those who are most vulnerable or suffering, can feel excluded from accessing care. People who experience homelessness and those in other inclusion health populations[1] experience some of the worst health inequalities; the average age of death for women is 42 and men 44 for […]

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Advice for parents, guardians and carers on how to support a child or young person if you’re concerned about their mental health

Many parents, guardians and carers are concerned about how their children, whatever their age, are feeling at the moment. We are now in our third national lockdown and we have lived through almost a year of the coronavirus pandemic and social restrictions which have affected us all. Some of our children are unable to attend […]

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Nothing about us, without us

I wanted to start with the words of a colleague which I found incredibly powerful and profound: “I have lived experience of disability. I’m not differently abled, I am disabled by society’s lack of willingness to accommodate me”. On Monday 18 January, I convened the first ever national disability staff network leads summit. As Chief […]

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Supporting BME communities in a targeted pandemic response

The Lewisham Primary Care BME Network has worked together with the Do No Harm Collective to create coronavirus resources designed specifically to support BME communities. Vice chairs of the network, Julie Roye and Dr Magda Branker, explain why they thought the resources were needed. When the inequalities of the effects of COVID-19 became clear, even […]

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