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Better mental health support for new mums and those experiencing baby loss

Maternal Mental Health Services (MMHS) will bring together maternity, psychology and reproductive health services for women who experience moderate-severe mental ill health from loss or trauma as a result of their maternity experience, but previously did not have a service to access. In this blog, Dr Giles Berrisford and Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent provide an overview […]

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So where does social prescribing go from here?

Tim Anfilogoff is Head of Community Resilience at Herts Valleys CCG, and NHS England’s Social Prescribing Regional Facilitator for the East of England. Here he looks at the crucial role of social prescribing in responding to COVID-19 and the lessons learnt for the future. “It’s been an incredible year”, says Gina, a social prescribing link […]

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What does the new clinical research vision mean for NHS patients and health professionals?

Saving and Improving lives: The Future of UK Clinical Research Delivery sets a clear ambition for research across the UK, but what does it mean for NHS patients and health professionals? When the NHS was established in 1948, its focus was treating infectious disease such as tuberculosis, treating chronic diseases caused by poor nutrition, and […]

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Young Carers’ Action Day: How being a young carer helped me develop the skills to become a student nurse

Today (Wednesday 16 March) is Young Carers’ Action day, which aims to raise awareness of young carers and the incredible they make to their families and local communities. The theme of Young Carers’ Action Day this year is ‘Protect Young Carers’ Futures’, focusing on the incredible skills young carers develop through their role as a carer, […]

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