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How can your pharmacist help you?

Pharmacists are experts in medicines, and train for five years before they are qualified, but how much do we really know about what they do? For instance, did you know that, 3,300 of the 43,000 pharmacists in England are now able to prescribe medicines? For the first time this week, a pharmacist prescriber, Helen Kilminster, […]

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Why taking fewer antibiotics is good for you…

A national health campaign Keep Antibiotics Working has been launched today to reduce the over prescribing of antibiotics. Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and there is a growing need to reverse this trend. Dr Bruce Warner, Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, explains more. ​Bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics are becoming more common.  Part of […]

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Keeping your ear to the ground on dementia

NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Dementia and the Chief executive of Action on Hearing Loss examine the latest research linking dementia with deafness:  There is a lot of interest at the moment on prevention – also known as risk reduction – of dementia. The prestigious Lancet Commission reported in July 2017, drawing together a […]

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More than half of strokes could be prevented if all risk factors were managed effectively

Stroke affects about 100,000 people in England each year, of whom about 10 per cent will die within the first month and half of the remainder, will be left with significant long term disability. Management is well supported by evidence showing how services should be delivered for maximum benefit, as Anthony Rudd, National Clinical Director […]

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