Patient Group Directions Yorkshire and the Humber

Please note: some of this content was published before July 1 2022. The Health and Care Act 2022 introduced significant changes to how the NHS in England is organised and these may not be reflected below.

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) provide a legal framework that allows some registered health professionals to supply and/or administer specified medicines to a pre-defined group of patients, without them having to see a prescriber (such as a doctor or nurse prescriber).

Supplying and/or administering medicines under PGDs should be reserved for situations in which this offers an advantage for patient care, without compromising patient safety. The PGDs that can be accessed via this page have been authorised by NHS England for use in/by services commissioned within South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire and the Humber.

PGD templates listed on the PHE website must not be used as these have not been authorised and are therefore not legal documents.

You can read more about PGDs on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) website.

PGDs for use in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire and the Humber

The following PGDs have been produced to support all of the NHS immunisation programmes:


Download Flu Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 23/24 – Version 3: Last updated on 22 September 2023

Vaccine PGD Expiry
Inactivated influenza Inactivated Influenza 01/04/24
Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccination Fluenz® Tetra 01/04/24
National protocol for inactivated influenza vaccine National protocol for inactivated influenza vaccine 01/04/24



Vaccine PGD Expiry Newly authorised version*
DTAP/IPV/Hib/HepB Infanrix®-hexa, Vaxelis® 24/07/24 N/A
DTaP/IPV or dTaP/IPV Repevax®, Boostrix®-IPV 01/11/25 N/A
Td/IPV Revaxis® 04/08/24 N/A
Hib/ MenC Menitorix 01/08/24 N/A
Hepatitis A Hepatitis A (inactivated) 31/10/26 N/A
Hepatitis A & B Twinrix® Adult, Twinrix® Paediatric, Ambirix® 31/10/26 N/A
Hepatitis A with typhoid ViATIM®

(extended to 31/05/24)

31/05/24 N/A
Hepatitis B
Engerix B® HBvaxPRO® 30/04/25 N/A
Hepatitis B – for renal patients Fendrix® HBvaxPRO® Engerix B® 30/04/25 N/A
HPV Gardasil® 9 01/09/25 N/A
HPV (GBMSM) Gardasil® 9 01/09/25 N/A
MMR Priorix® MMRVAXPRO® 28/02/24 N/A
Men ACWY Menveo, Nimenrix, MenQuadfi 31/07/25 N/A
Men ACWY for risk groups Menveo®, Nimenrix®, MedQuadfi® for risk groups 28/02/25 N/A
MenB Bexsero® 28/02/25 N/A
MenB for at risk groups Bexsero® 28/02/25 N/A
Pertussis Boostrix-IPV®, Repevax® 31/03/25 N/A
Pneumococcal Pneumovax® 23 (PPV23) 01/09/24 N/A
Pneumococcal Prevenar®13 28/02/24 N/A
Pneumococcal for risk groups Prevenar® 13 for Risk Groups

(extended to 28/02/25)

28/02/25 N/A
Rotavirus Rotarix® 30/06/25 N/A
Shingles Zostavax®, expiry 30 June 2024 (Extended to 31 October 2024) 31/10/24 N/A
Shingles Shingrix® 30/09/25 N/A
Smallpox Jynneos® 15/09/24 N/A
Typhoid TYPHIM Vi® 28/02/24 N/A
BCG BCG vaccine AJV 31/08/26 N/A

*  Newly authorised versions are only provided for information to facilitate planning and authorisation and the active version should always be used up to the point at which it expires.


The immunisation collection provides a wide variety of information and resources, including:

  • Immunisation training resources for healthcare professionals
  • Vaccine programmes
  • Immunisation publications
  • Immunisation leaflets and guidance for parents
  • Vaccine handling and protocols
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for a range of programmes/vaccines

Specific resources can be found via the following links:

BMA guidance:

Travel vaccines

The following travel vaccines are also available but these are not covered by the NHS and so are not currently covered by an NHS England or PHE PGD.  Vaccines for this purpose should given as a private service not be supplied using an FP10 or claimed for as a personally administered item.


  • *1 Hepatitis A & B Vaccine – Use restricted to areas endorsed by CCG  – Harrogate and Rural District CCG & Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG have decommissioned the combination Hepatitis A and B vaccine for travel purposes. Contact Medicines Management
  • *2  Hepatitis B (when not combined with hepatitis A)  – Sheffield CCG permit this for travel for certain indications. Check with CCG Medicines Management