Our work

Core functions

  • To provide the strategic direction to support the commissioning and improvement cycle; including identifying needs, contracting, development, assurance and interventions across NHS primary, community and secondary care dental services.
  • To drive improvement in outcomes, in line with local and national priorities.
  • To ensure the LDN makes a significant contribution towards the development of a coherent Dental Commissioning Strategy.
  • To ensure the LDN contributes towards the content of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs).
  • To advise on priorities through the LDN and to contribute expertise to relevant strategic and service reviews.
  • To advise on quality standards and specifications and to ensure the LDN develops and agrees local protocols in alignment with national ones.
  • To advise of the development of local demand and capacity both personally and through the LDN.
  • To advise on measures to be used for monitoring and evaluation of services and approaches to data collection and quality assurance.
  • To help implement pathways of care by clinical collaboration and are driven by the outcomes framework.
  • To use an evidenced based approach to improvement – use of NHS change model.
  • Improve system working/reduce fragmentation and system resilience

Previous Minutes

Any previous minutes not shown can be forwarded by contacting Gemma Michael at gemma.michael@nhs.net