Integrated Personalised Care

What is Integrated Personalised Care

The purpose of personalised care is to empower people to lead the lives they want to live.

Personalised care starts with a conversation with people about what matters to them. It builds on what people can do, as well as addressing their health needs.

With the support of the local multi-disciplinary team people’s knowledge, skills and confidence to self-manage their own care is increased. If they need treatment they are able to be part of shared decision-making conversation with health specialists, to help them make the right choice for them.

Through tailoring a personalised care and support plan that supports their wellbeing as well as their health needs, people’s resilience is increased, and they are able to take control of what happens to them and how their care and support is structured. If needed, support within this plan can be funded by a personal health budget or integrated budget.

People are often reconnected with their local community in ways that enhances their life and those of others around them, though social prescribing activities and peer support groups.

There are benefits to the whole system too as contingencies are built into the plan, so health professionals, including ambulance teams and local GPs know what the plan is if someone’s health deteriorates suddenly, taking pressure off the urgent and emergency care system.

COVID has taught us how to use digital technologies rapidly to support people and work together better across the whole system. Through sharing of a single plan and building in solutions to help monitor heath conditions at home (through NHS@Home support), we can use digital innovation to help make this happen faster today than we ever thought possible.

So at its heart personalised care is about people, and getting the right support to them in the place where they live. For personalised care to work for people it has to be integrated with all organisations working as a multi-disciplinary team in every single one of our local communities. Placed based care enables everyone to thrive, tackles health inequalities and gives the community a voice in how services are shaped through co-production. The Comprehensive Model of Personalised Care is an enabler to make all this happen.

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