Severe Asthma Network

The South West Severe Asthma Operational Delivery Network (ODN) consists of 4 nominated centers (Somerset FT, Plymouth Hospitals, North Bristol (UHBW), Royal Devon and Exeter) that provides expert respiratory services across the South West region together with local DGH’s. The ODN covers the largest geographically area in England and overlaps two Cancer Alliances: The Peninsular and the Somerset, Wiltshire, Avon and Gloucestershire Alliance.

Established in 2020, the South-West Asthma Network (SWAN) is designed to modernise and transform the provision of Severe Asthma services which, in turn, will allow more service users to benefit from standardized and streamlined patient pathway, unified MDT and more efficient use expensive drug therapies.

The South West Severe Asthma ODN is working across several priorities, which include

  • To deliver an equitable, high-quality and standardised service to patients with severe asthma across the South-West region
  • To provide expert advice and opinion
  • To demonstrate that high-cost asthma medicines are prescribed according to best stewardship principles.