NHS 111 Statistics, December 2011

The Department today published call statistics to the NHS 111 service for December from the seven sites providing this service.

The sites are: County Durham and Darlington, Lincolnshire, Luton, Nottingham City, Isle of Wight, Derbyshire, Cumbria and Lancashire.

The main findings for December 2011 were:

  • In December, there were 82,907 calls to the 111 service, with 70% of these calls from people directly dialling 111.
  • 95% of answered calls made to NHS111 where answered within 60 seconds. Of all calls offered 1.6% were abandoned after waiting longer than 30 seconds.
  • Average length of a call episode for data up to and including December was 8 minutes 39 seconds, with 79% of callers receiving a triage and 2% of people called back.
  • On average 31% of call time was handled by clinical staff
  • For the period between April to October 2011, 92% of callers were very or fairly satisfied with their NHS111 experience.

NHS 111 Minimum Data Set – December Release