The 2015 NHS Staff Survey in England – revision

The results of the 2015 NHS Staff Survey were published on 23 February by The Co-ordination Centre (Picker Institute Europe) on behalf of NHS England.

The Co-ordination Centre has today published a revision to the 2015 NHS Staff Survey, as errors were identified in two of the published documents, relating to three question areas. The Picker Institute Europe apologise for the inconvenience caused by these errors.

These errors only affected the national level weighted data. The changes to this data were also reflected in the national report published by the Co-ordination Centre. The errors did not affect the trust level data, the unweighted national data, or the key findings data.

The questions affected were questions 6a-c, 12a-d and 18b-d, as follows:

6a) I am satisfied with the quality of care I give to patients / service users

6b) I feel that my role makes a difference to patients / service users

6c) I am able to deliver the care I aspire to

12a) My organisation treats staff who are involved in an error, near miss or incident fairly

12b) My organisation encourages us to report errors, near misses or incidents

12c) When errors, near misses or incidents are reported, my organisation takes action to ensure that they do not happen again

12d) We are given feedback about changes made in response to reported errors, near misses and incidents

18 To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements? My training, learning or development has helped me to….

18b)…do my job more effectively

18c)…stay up-to-date with professional requirements

18d)…deliver a better patient / service user experience

These revisions change the results significantly. In all affected questions the results are more positive than previously indicated in the original publication. For example, 71% would agree or strongly agree with the statement ‘I am satisfied with the quality of care I give to patients / service users’ rather than 39% which was originally published.

The revised survey results and associated documentation can be viewed at the National NHS Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre.