CCG IAF annual assessments and in-year data updates

In-year, the CCG IAF indicators are refreshed on MyNHS. To enable colleagues to undertake further local analysis, we also provide the source data, and a technical annex which details the methodology behind each indicator.

CCG annual assessment

Data relating to the 2018/19 year-end assessment are also available from MyNHS

CCG In-year data updates

2019/20 In-year data updates

  • Cross-tab data file, last updated in January 2019 (please note that all statistical calculations and CCG conversions – for indicators not at CCG level in their published format – have already been applied).
  • Flat CSV data file, last updated in January 2019.
  • Technical annex

2018/19 In-year data updates

2017/18 In-year data updates

2016/17 In-year data updates

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