Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) standard operating procedure: COVID Oximetry @home

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Standard operating procedure for COVID Oximetry @home.


Updated 9 September 2021.

The COVID Oximetry @home pathway should be available to people who are:

  1. Diagnosed with COVID-19: either clinically or positive test result AND
  2. Symptomatic AND EITHER
  3. Aged 65 years or older OR
  4. Under 65 years and at higher risk from COVID-19, or where clinical judgement applies considering individual risk factors such as pregnancy, learning disability, caring responsibilities and/or deprivation. Further information about clinical judgement can be found on our website.

Pregnant women being referred to a COVID Oximetry @home service should also be asked to contact their maternity team for specific advice around pregnancy and COVID-19.

A lighter touch pathway should be available to any adult aged 18 – 64, that has tested positive and has not been double vaccinated. This pathway is fully self managed and escalated.