The NHS has committed to reaching net zero by 2040 for the emissions we control directly, and by 2045 for the emissions we influence, through the goods and services we buy from our partners and suppliers. To achieve this goal, we will require the support of all our suppliers.

In September 2021, one year on from the publication of the Delivering a net zero NHS report, the NHS England Public Board approved a roadmap to help suppliers align with our net zero ambition between now and 2030. This approach builds on UK Government procurement policy (PPN 06/20 and PPN 06/21).

Net zero supplier roadmap

Download the above roadmap in PDF format.

From 2030, suppliers will only be able to qualify for NHS contracts if they can demonstrate their progress through published progress reports and continued carbon emissions reporting.

The NHS strongly encourages all suppliers to prepare for the roadmap milestones, but will also account for the specific barriers that some may face. Support will be available for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprises (VCSEs) at each stage of the roadmap. For the 2023 milestone, further information for SMEs and VCSEs experiencing difficulty gathering their emissions data is included in the Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) guidance and Net Zero Commitment (NZC) guidance.

Further detail on the support available for SME’s and VCSEs on these requirements will be included in the specific guidance published ahead of each milestone of the roadmap.

For more information on the introduction of CRPs please sign up to a supplier webinar.

NHS England will continue to offer free a CRP checking service until further notice. Suppliers can access this service by contacting the following email address:

NHS England Medicines tenders

All suppliers intending to tender for a contract or framework administered by NHS England Medicines Value and Access will require, at the point of submission, a valid Evergreen sustainable supplier assessment as well as a compliant carbon reduction plan. These requirements are from January 2024 and April 2024 respectively.

More information can be found on the Specialist Pharmacy Service website.

Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment

The Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment is a tool for suppliers to engage with the NHS on their sustainability journey and understand how to align with NHS net zero ambition. It serves as a pathway for communications and data gathering between suppliers and NHS decision makers across NHS organisations and will provide a mechanism for suppliers to showcase their net zero progress and wider sustainability efforts.

Engagement with suppliers

We recognise that not all suppliers are at the same stage of their net zero journey.

We will continue to work closely with regulators, suppliers and industry bodies to shape our approach and give all suppliers the opportunity to align with our net zero ambition.

Further information about our work with suppliers can be found on the Central Commercial Function (CCF) page. Suppliers can also get in touch with questions via