Social Prescribing Link Worker

Social prescribing link workers connect people with local community activities and services that can help improve their health and wellbeing.

(Social Prescribing Link Workers may also be referred to as Community Link Workers, Link Workers, Wellbeing Coordinators or Social Prescribers)

A vital part of their role is to build relationships with the people they are helping by listening carefully to what’s important to them and what motivates them.



How can a Social Prescribing Link Worker can help you?

Social Prescribing Link Workers can help you by:

  • supporting with issues that are affecting your health and wellbeing.
  • providing advice and support on social issues.
  • linking you into local services, groups and activities.

If you think a Social Prescribing Link Worker could be the career for you, click here. 

Further information for NHS communications professionals

The communications toolkit for the Social Prescribing Link Worker campaign can be found here.

The animation has been translated and is available in the following ten languages: Urdu, Slovak, Romanian, Punjabi, Portuguese, Polish, Kurdish, Gujarathi, Bengali and Arabic.