What we do

Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Strategic Clinical Networks (GMEC SCNs) provide clinical leadership and advice to improve health and care services across Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire through:

Enabling clinical leadership:

  • Our networks include specialist clinicians with links to national leads and experts to help inform decision making around redesign and transformation of services founded upon clinical consensus.
  • We identify and facilitate the adoption of best practice and innovation in health and social care to inform the development of pathways. Resulting in improved health outcomes and reductions in unwarranted variation in care.

Shaping Evidence Based Care

  • We work collaboratively with health and social care commissioners, providers and voluntary sector organisations to identify common objectives and develop them into strategic commissioning intentions.
  • We provide evidence and inform the commissioning of health and care services across the NHS. Our whole system view across the boundaries of commissioner, provider and the voluntary sector enables us to examine the full implications of the impact of a service change on other parts of the health and social care system and make subsequent recommendations.
  • We measure and benchmark quality and outcomes to drive improvement and reduce unwarranted variations in care.

Bringing the voice of service users, carers and the public to shape services

  • Our networks include patients, carers and members of the public whose first-hand experience of care pathways and health and social care services in the region is invaluable in shaping evidence based pathways and models of integrated care.
  • We deliver educational sessions for patients, carers and members of the public to help develop the skills and confidence needed to successfully contribute to shaping services.
  • We ensure that the needs of our diverse population is represented within the decision making processes.