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If you would like to be more actively involved, you can get involved with our Patients, Carers and Public Engagement Network.

Patient, Carer and Public Engagement

We are committed to meaningful engagement with patients, carers and members of the public. In order to deliver on this commitment and with the help of our PCP Advisory Group, we have developed a Patient, Carer and Public Engagement Strategy.

The Patients, Carers and Public Engagement (PCPE) Network embeds the PCP priorities into the work of the Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) domains and areas of work (Mental Health, Dementia, Neurological Conditions, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Palliative Care and End of Life, Maternity and Children).

The PCP Engagement Network comprises of the PCP Advisory Group, PCP members of the SCN Steering Groups and a wider network of patients and carers organisations and individuals within our footprint (Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria).

PCP Engagement is led by Maqsood Ahmad on behalf of the SCN Senior Management Team (SMT) and supported by senior clinicians and staff PCP Champions.

What we do

The SCN PCP Staff Champions with the support from the PCP Advisory Group are responsible for implementing the PCP Engagement Strategy focusing on:

Implementing and promoting the SCN PCPE four commitments within the strategy, including the involvement of protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010 and seldom heard groups.

Develop strategies, guidelines and contribute towards pathways that improve the services provided to patients, carers and members of the public.

Organising PCP Development Sessions for staff with patients, carers and members of the public involvement.

Work towards advancing equality and reducing health inequalities training sessions in partnership with clinicians, and the PCP Advisory Group and help the PCP group to organise seminars, master classes, conferences and training sessions when/if required
Ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect and promote the vision, values and behaviours, including the equality and fairness commitments of NHS England

How we do it

The views of patients and carers are especially important and are represented through a number of channels: Our Patients, Carers and Public (PCP) Engagement Advisory Group, PCP Network and by being involved in our Steering Groups. Please refer to our PCP Engagement Strategy for further details on how we are involving and consulting our patients, carers and members of the public.