Cross cutting interventions to prevent cardiovascular events

The information below relates to the CVD prevention pathway.

Some key high impact interventions are common to all the high risk conditions.

  • Undertake systematic audit across practices to identify undiagnosed and under treated patients – using the GRASP suite of tools, national audits or other local solutions.
  • Work with practices and local authorities to maximise NHS Health Check uptake and follow up. The NHS Health Check offers a systematic approach to detecting undiagnosed high risk conditions in local communities. Follow up in general practice is key to ensuring appropriate clinical management to improve outcomes.
  • Work with Local Authorities and community leaders to embed CVD prevention within health and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Build local primary care leadership to challenge unwarranted variation and drive quality improvement in detection and management of the high risk conditions – for example through the local communities of practice model being supported by the British Heart Foundation.
  • Ensure interventions and referral pathways embrace ethnic and cultural diversity and specifically target communities with historically poorer outcomes.
  • Commission new models of diagnosis and management, for example by expanding the role of community pharmacists, support for self-measurement and new technologies.

Download the CVD prevention pathway.