These pages bring together all corporate documents and resources relating to the NHS England annual reports, business plans, financial performance reports and information about the Five Year Forward View.

Five Year Forward View

Front cover of 'Five Year Forward View'The NHS Five Year Forward View sets out a new shared vision for the future of the NHS based around the new models of care. It has been developed by the partner organisations that deliver and oversee health and care services including Care Quality Commission, Public Health England and NHS Improvement (previously Monitor and National Trust Development Authority).

Patient groups, clinicians and independent experts have also provided their advice to create a collective view of how the health service needs to change over the next five years if it is to close the widening gaps in the health of the population, quality of care and the funding of services.

Business Plan

Front cover of 'The NHS England Business Plan 2015-2016: Building the NHS of the Five Year Forward View'

NHS England’s Business Plan for 2015/16 titled ‘Building the NHS of the Five Year Forward View’ sets out our core business priorities for the coming year and describes our headline goals and priorities to ensure both high quality care for the people of England and efficiency for the taxpayer.

Annual Report

Front cover of 'Our 2014-16 Annual Report'

NHS England’s Annual Report 2014-15 outlines some of our significant highlights over the last financial year and includes real life case studies which show how we’ve put patients first.

The report also includes a strategic review of our performance, a remuneration report and our annual accounts for the year ending 31 March 2015.

The Annual Review provides a snapshot of our highlights over the last financial year.

Financial performance reports

Front cover of 'Financial Performance Report - First Quarter 2015/16'

NHS England publishes quarterly financial performance reports to update the Board on the year to date and to provide the latest forecast on full year performance.

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