General Practice Support

Ensuring patients are receiving the right care at the right place when needed is at the centre of delivery in primary care for patients.  Most important is that patients are familiar with the services that are being offered at practice level.  NHS South East Region commissioned Redmoor Health to help support practices with communicating their services to their patient population in order to ensure practices are meeting patients ever-changing expectations. Review the full Digital First Primary Care Support Programme Evaluation and Digital First Primary Care Support Programme Evaluation Executive Summary.

It is important that the practice is familiar with how to communicate a new service to their patients and essential that there is built trust for these services provided by reassuring patients on how the system works.  There are many practice touche points (phone, website, social media, SMS messaging, patient groups, etc) for practices to use to make their patients not only aware of the service but how to use it and most important, what to expect.

Below you will find a range of support tools for practices to use in order to gain a better understanding of how to maximise communication with their patients. These tools have been developed by colleagues with first-hand experience of working in practice with  significant primary care operational experience in the field:

You will find all of the recorded webinars listed below and materials, including social media guides and sample plans to promote the NHS app, on the Primary Care Transformation Digital First Programme website. 

  • Smarter Messaging
  • Proxy Access to online services
  • GP Online Overview
  • Improving websites in general practice
  • Improving Patient Communications during COVID on Vimeo
  • Video in primary and secondary care
  • Social media in general practice
  • Patient positive comms with social media
  • Dealing with increasing online consultation demand webinar
  • Dealing with increasing demand for Online consultations webinar