Bug Hotel at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

In April 2021 a bug hotel was installed at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital as part of a new wildlife garden. The bug hotel was constructed from old pallets and scrap materials by volunteers from print waste, recycling and shredding.

The garden includes new tree planting of sweet chestnuts and mulberries, and a tree screen of birch. A small area is being managed as meadow, with grass cut once a year to encourage a variety of grassland plants.
There is also a patch of nettles which are an important food plan for caterpillars of red admiral, small tortoiseshell and painted lady butterflies. Other borders contain planting attractive to bees.
A “dead hedge” runs down the middle of the garden to provide good habitat.

This wildlife garden will encourage biodiversity, provide an attractive space for staff to enjoy on rest breaks and will be an important area for wildlife on the busy city centre hospital site.