Dental Commissioning Statistics, England – December 2014

These statistics show the volume of units of dental activity (UDAs) commissioned by Area Teams as at the end of each quarter, for the proceeding 12 months.

The figures are broken down into two groups:

• UDAs commissioned where the dental service is being provided;
• UDAs commissioned in contracts not yet delivering services (for example, UDAs in new contracts, where the contract has been signed but the dental activity has not yet started).

Key findings this quarter:

• All 25 Commissioners (all NHS Area Teams) returned data.
• 88.8 million UDAs had been commissioned as at 31 December 2014.
• This is 696,000 lower (0.8% decrease) compared to UDAs commissioned the previous year, and 90,000 lower (0.1% decrease) compared to the previous quarter.
• A large proportion of the decrease in UDAs commissioned compared to the previous year can be attributed to improvements in reporting following a quality checking exercise that was carried out in May 2014.
• UDAs commissioned but not yet delivering services represent 0.01% (10,200) of all UDAs commissioned this quarter.

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Dental Contracts Statistics:
Dental Commissioning (DC01) Report December 2014 (XLS,30KB)

Dental Commissioning (DC01) Report December 2014 (CSV,4KB)

Guidance note
Dental Commissioning Guidance 2014 (PDF, 129KB)

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