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NHS England publishes interim commissioning policies for non-specialised services

NHS England has today (19 Nov) published 37 nationally consistent commissioning policies as part of its role as a direct commissioner of some non-specialised services for the armed forces population.

The policies are interim only at this stage, and will be subject to full public consultation next year.

If you have any queries relating to the policies, or any other issue related armed forces commissioning, please contact your local area team with Armed Forces commissioning responsibility.

Armed Forces Health Clinical Reference Group

NHS England has launched recruitment to the latest addition to its Clinical Reference Group (CRG) structure.

The Armed Forces CRG will provide clinical advice to NHS England in support of its commissioning decisions regarding serving armed forces personnel, their families, mobilised reservists and veterans. In particular, this CRG will review and support the integration of care pathways between Ministry of Defence and NHS medical services, ensuring that patients experience a seamless transition between services.

NHS England has already established 74 specialised services CRGs. Each of the CRGs is made up of clinicians and commissioners, as well as patient and carer members. The Armed Forces CRG is recruiting to a number of posts, but is especially keen to receive applications from those who are able to demonstrate experience within the armed forces community e.g. ex-serving personnel from the regular or reserve forces, and from those who have treated service families, including those with experience in:

  • Public Health
  • General medical practice
  • Mental health
  • Musculoskeletal services
  • General surgery
  • Ear nose and throat (ENT)
  • Nursing and other allied health professionals
  • Clinical commissioning e.g. former primary care trust or clinical commissioning group (CCG) representatives, especially those within geographical areas where there is a significant armed forces population.

Professor Keith Willett, NHS England’s National Director for Acute Episodes of Care, said:

“NHS England is determined that all of its decisions should be clinically led and meet the needs of patients. We have particularly identified the armed forces population as one where we need to provide consistent, high quality services. We are therefore looking to recruit individuals who have a high level of credibility with their peers, as well as a degree of empathy with this population”.

A full set of draft terms of reference for the Armed Forces CRG can be found here.

Apply here to become a member of the Armed Forces CRG.

Applications for patient/carer representatives on the Armed Forces CRG will take place later in the summer. Please do not apply at this stage if you are a patient, carer or an otherwise interested stakeholder.

Please note that the Armed Forces CRG received some applications for membership during recruitment to the 74 specialised services CRGs earlier this year. Previous applicants will have their applications carried forward unless they request otherwise. No positions have been appointed to as yet.

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Information and resources about health services for the armed forces and their families which will be commissioned by NHS England from April 2013.

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