Nursing Technology Fund


In October 2012 the Prime Minister announced the establishment of a Nursing Technology Fund to support nurses, midwives and health visitors to make better use of digital technology in all care settings, in order to deliver safer, more effective and more efficient care.

The funding was to be allocated to providers in two rounds. The first round, for £30M, was for funding to be spent in FY13/14.

Applications for the first round of funding were invited from December 2013, following publication of a prospectus.  In total 226 applications were received from 139 Trusts. Following an evaluation process, where applications were reviewed by a panel of senior nurses, successful organisations were informed in February 2014.

First round successful applications

In this first round 74 Trusts have been awarded funding totalling almost £30m for 85 projects.  A list of successful applications is available to download.

The funded projects represent the full range of geographies and care settings. The highest award to an individual project was £1M, and to an individual organisation was £1.46M (for two separate projects). All projects projected a Value For Money return greater than 2:1, with almost half projecting a return of at least 4:1. Of the successful projects, 90% will provide solutions for nurses, 23% for midwives, and 10% for health visitors. The majority of projects involve mobile technology, a quarter involve vital signs monitoring solutions, and eight projects involve digital pens.

Coming soon: a short description of each of the successful projects.

Second round process

Over 300 Expressions of Interest (EOIs) have been received for FY14/15 funding. Information collated across the EOIs is feeding in to the design of the prospectus and application process for the second round of funding, including priorities, constraints and eligibility criteria.

Information provided within an EOI will not subsequently be considered in any award decisions. Therefore, if you have not submitted an EOI, this will not prevent you submitting an application in the second round. If you have submitted an EOI, any applications to the second round do not need to be constrained by the initial plans you have outlined in an EOI

Our intention is to publish the prospectus and launch the second round by June 2014.

To coincide with the launch, NHS England is hosting a series of events for senior nurses and midwives, who are encouraged to bring along senior colleagues from their IT / Transformation teams. The invitation from Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer, is now available.  For details of the event and to register, please see the dates below:

Coming soon: further details of the events, including agenda, venue information and suppliers attending.