Martin McShane

Martin McShaneMartin McShane, Director, Domain 2, National Commissioning Board ‘Improving the quality of life for people with long term conditions’.

Martin qualified as a doctor in 1981. He trained in general and vascular surgery before electing to enter General Practice. From 1990 until 2004 he was a GP partner in a training practice.

He has previously chaired a Primary Care Group and Professional Executive Committee and was Chief Executive of North Eastern Derbyshire Primary Care Trust from 2004-2006. From 2006-2012 he was Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Strategic Planning and Health Outcomes for NHS Lincolnshire as well as a member of the National Patient Safety Forum and Vice Chair of East Midlands Specialised Commissioning Group.

He was appointed his new role within the Medical Directorate of the NHS Commissioning Board in 2012.

Realising the greatest asset the NHS has – Dr Martin McShane

On the eve of the 2014 Future of Health Conference, NHS England’s Director for People with Long Term Conditions, Dr Martin McShane, explains why empowering patients is vital: I was speaking at a conference last week and was introduced to Shirley. She was speaking before me, providing the patient’s perspective. Shirley has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary […]

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Parity of esteem – what are we trying to achieve? – Martin McShane

As Mental Health Awareness Week comes to a close, Dr Martin McShane, NHS England’s director for people with long term conditions, gives his definition of Parity of Esteem: Much has been said in the last few years about ‘parity of esteem’. It has almost become a slogan, trotted out in the same breath by politicians […]

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Carers – it’s time for a culture change – Martin McShane

As NHS England’s chief executive Simon Stevens today paid tribute to carers for their “immense contribution” and pledged to do more to help them, Dr Martin McShane acknowledges the vital role they play: I remember being put aback when interviewed for medical school by the apparent scorn, from my interviewers, to my proposition that I […]

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We are living longer – fact – Dr Martin McShane

Dr Martin McShane, NHS England’s Director for Long-Term Conditions, previews one of Innovation Expo’s central themes: As the population lives longer the likelihood that many of us will end up with a long-term condition is also growing.  So it begs the question, how will the NHS deal with it and how much will it cost? […]

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People powered health* – Dr Martin McShane

Dr Martin McShane, NHS England’s Director for Improving the Quality of Life for People with Long Term Conditions, sees innovation and people power at work: For a long time I have wanted to visit Dr Amir Hannan in his practice. Finally I managed to drive over the Pennines and find it, tucked away, in Hyde […]

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Parity of Esteem – Dr Martin McShane

There is the apocryphal story of the janitor at NASA who, when asked by the President  what his job was replied, “I help put people on the moon”. How would I reply to that question in my current role? By saying, “I help create high quality care for all”. The NHS, however, faces a series […]

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Learning from those who are doing it – Martin McShane

Dr Martin McShane, NHS England’s Director for Enhancing the Quality of Life for People with Long Term Conditions gives his views on the latest innovations in joined-up care. The ambition for NHS England is to support delivery of high quality care for all. Quality has been defined as a positive patient experience of safe and […]

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