Briefing note on CCG indicative running cost allowances

The NHS Commissioning Board Authority has today published a briefing note on the indicative running costs allowances for 212 proposed CCGs for 2013-14.

The running costs allowance for CCGs has already been set at up to £25 per head of population per year. This limit meets the requirement to reduce system wide administration costs by one third, and ensures spending on running costs is kept to a reasonable level and NHS funding is focused on providing high quality services for patients and the public.

The Board Authority has decided that the fairest approach to calculating running costs allowances for CCGs is to base them on the GP registered lists for practices within the CCG but moderated at local authority level to match the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) population projections.  This ensures that the aggregate population figures match the ONS estimate of the England population, and helps take account of the unregistered population.

Download the briefing note on CCG indicative running costs allowances

Download the full list of the indicative running costs allowances for each proposed CCG for 2013-14