Proposed CCG configuration and member practices published

The NHS Commissioning Board Authority has published the proposed configuration and member practices for 212 proposed CCGs for the first time.

This is a major step forward in the work to establish the new clinical commissioning landscape by April 2013, and, along with the publication of the running cost allowances, will enable proposed CCGs to further develop their organisation ready for authorisation and establishment.

The information is in a paper for the Board Authority which will be asked to agree the proposed configuration as the basis of authorisation at its board meeting on 31 May 2012. National and regional CCG maps displaying the information are also available.

The paper confirms that there are now proposed CCGs covering the whole of England and includes the detailed geographic areas for each for the first time, plus the planning assumptions about the member practices in each proposed CCG (using April 2011 data). This means that everyone living in England will be covered by a CCG from April 2013.

These planning assumptions will allow work to progress. Once the NHS Commissioning Board is established as a statutory body, it will check that legal requirements have been met and approve the final details of geography, names and member practices of CCGs through the authorisation process.

Each proposed CCG has determined its own configuration within the framework set out by the Board Authority, which ensures that:

  • there is sign up from member practices
  • there is appropriate geographical coverage that allows a proposed CCG to take on responsibility for commissioning for a population
  • where a proposed CCG straddles upper tier or unitary local authority boundaries, it is for patient interest reasons
  • each proposed CCG is a viable organisation in terms of the degree of sharing of roles and functions, or the use of commissioning support that it will need to consider

Dame Barbara Hakin, National Director of Commissioning Development at the NHS Commissioning Board Authority, said, “This is a real landmark moment and is a credit to everyone involved in developing CCGs and the new clinically-led commissioning system.

“We should not underestimate the hard work that has taken place to get us where we are and the huge progress that has been made across the country. We have proposed CCGs covering the whole of England. We have 212 groups of practices who have chosen to come together to shape and commission services to deliver better care, better experience, better outcomes and improved safety for their local populations.

“There is still a great deal of work to do as the proposed CCGs move closer to authorisation, but we should take a moment to celebrate this fantastic achievement.”

List of proposed CCGs with names, populations, current PCTs and running cost allowances(this document is no longer available here but can be found on the National Archives website)

List of proposed CCGs with proposed known constituent member practices

See the national and regional maps of proposed CCGs.

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  1. Daniel Higgins says:

    Please could you email me the most up to date file for converting PCT codes to CCG codes based on practice codes.
    I think I’ve been using the most up to date version, however I still have quite a few practices that do not map to a CCG.

    • Simon@NHS CB says:

      Hi Daniel
      Thank you for your comment. You can find the most up to date version of the data file in the CCG Director page. I’ve also emailed the file directly to you as requested.

      Kind regards

      Digital Communications Officer
      NHS Commissioning Board

  2. Jean says:

    Thanks so much for the info!