Full set of first wave authorisation applications received on time

The NHS Commissioning Board Authority has today confirmed receipt of 35 applications for authorisation from the CCGs in ‘wave one’ in accordance with its deadline of 2 July 2012. Wave one is the first of four waves of applications from CCGs which are to be submitted from July to November 2012.

Dame Barbara Hakin, National Director for Commissioning Development at the Board Authority, said:

“I am delighted that the CCG authorisation process is beginning on schedule and that we have received all 35 applications in full from the CCGs in wave one. I wish to thank CCGs for their energy and commitment; all CCGs are working incredibly hard to set themselves up as effective and safe health commissioning organisations by April 2013 and it is inspiring to see the process get off to a good start.

“I want to emphasise strongly that all the authorisation waves are equal and there is no difference between a CCG in wave one or wave four in terms of competence. Proposed CCGs in each wave will continue to develop throughout the year as they take on increasing responsibilities, and could have conditions set irrespective of the wave in which they are placed.”

CCGs are new, clinically-led organisations coming into being for the first time and the NHS Commissioning Board is responsible for supporting the development of CCGs as they move through authorisation. For this reason, the thresholds for authorisation reflect the current stage of CCG development, and are set in the context of the longer-term vision. Alongside the responsibility to provide support, the NHS Commissioning Board has a parallel duty to assure that CCGs are able to commission safely, use their budgets responsibly, and exercise their functions to improve quality, reduce inequality and deliver improved outcomes within the available resources.

The outcome of wave one is due to be considered by the NHS Commissioning Board in October 2012.

The application for authorisation comprises an application form on which the CCG must self-certify its compliance in a number of areas and up to 19 core evidence documents. In addition the CCG may choose to submit other documents.

The full list of authorisation waves is available here.

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