NICE reveals its recommended measures for the NHS Commissioning Outcomes Framework

NICE and the NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care have published their recommendations for which health care measures are suitable to go in the Commissioning Outcomes Framework for 2013/14. The NHS Commissioning Board Authority (NHS CBA) asked these two organisations to carry out this advisory work in order to draw on NICE’s access to clinical advice and the Information Centre’s expertise in data collection.

These recommendations come at a key stage in the development of the Commissioning Outcomes Framework. The Framework will play an important role in driving up quality in the new system. Covering £60 billion of health services commissioned by CCGs across the NHS it will help translate the NHS Outcomes Framework into clear, comparative data on the quality of services that CCGs deliver for their local populations and the outcomes achieved for patients. The Framework will focus on quality and reducing health inequalities

Taking this set of recommendations the NHS CBA will work with the CCGs and other stakeholders to develop the Commissioning Outcomes Framework so that it can support and recognise quality improvement. The NHS CBA is organizing a series of regional workshops and engagement events in August and September and a national stakeholder meeting on 12 September 2012. These events will help people find the right balance of measures to drive quality improvement and help the NHS Commissioning Board to hold CCGs to account.

The NHS CBA will release its Commissioning Outcomes Framework for 2013/14 in the Autumn so that CCGs can use it in their planning for the next year.

Follow this link to see the NICE recommendations.

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