Authorisation process dates agreed

Dates have been agreed for the key parts of the clinical commissioning group (CCG) authorisation process.

Meetings have been set up for each wave of CCGs for:

  • the moderation panel which makes recommendations as to whether a CCG should be fully authorised or authorised with conditions;
  • the conditions panel which considers what support is required where a CCG has not supplied sufficient evidence to meet a threshold for one or more authorisation criteria; and
  • the CCG authorisation sub-committee which makes the authorisation decisions.
Meeting Date
Wave 1
Wave 1 Moderation Panel 23/10/2012
Wave 1 Conditions Panel 02/11/2012
Wave 1 Sub-committee 05/12/2012
Wave 2
Wave 2 Moderation Panel 13/11/2012
Wave 2 Moderation Panel 26/11/2012
Wave 2 Conditions Panel 1.1 23/11/2012
Wave 2 Conditions Panel 1.2 03/12/2012
Wave 2 Conditions Panel 1.1 07/12/2012
Wave 2 Conditions Panel 1.2 10/12/2012
Wave 2 Sub-committee 18/01/2013
Wave 3
Wave 3 Moderation Panel 1 11/12/2012
Wave 3 Moderation Panel 2 07/01/2013
Wave 3 Conditions Panel 1.1 08/1/2013
Wave 3 Conditions Panel 1.2 11/01/2013
Wave 3 Conditions Panel 2.1 15/01/2013
Wave 3 Sub-committee 15/02/2013
Wave 4
Wave 4 Moderation Panel 28/01/2013
Wave 4 Conditions Panel 1 05/02/2013
Wave 4 Conditions Panel 2 08/02/2013
Wave 4 Sub-committee 06/03/2013

The conclusions of each sub-committee meeting will be published immediately after each meeting, once decision letters have been issued to CCGs.

The full end-to-end process is described hereĀ  and includes a flowchart identifying the points where CCGs will have the opportunity to submit any further evidence – where necessary – before their application is considered at the relevant NHS CB CCG authorisation sub-committee.

Although wave 1 CCGs will be able to identify all their individual dates and wave 4 CCGs will be able to see their moderation and sub-committee dates, this table does not show at which moderation and conditions panel waves 2 and 3 will be considered, or at which conditions panel wave 4 CCGs will be considered. The distribution of CCGs within these meetings is currently being agreed.