CCG running costs allowances 2013/14

The NHS Commissioning Board has today published revised CCG running costs allowances (RCAs) for 2013/14 (document available on our archived website).

The RCA for a CCG in 2013/14 has been set at a maximum of £25 per head of population per year and this money forms a part of the total allocation which will be communicated to each proposed CCG in December 2012. In May 2012, the NHS Commissioning Board Authority published indicative allowances for each CCG based on the population data available at that time.

The publication of the Office of National Statistics’ 2013 population estimates, based on the 2011 census, has enabled us to provide a revised, up-to-date set of running costs for CCGs (this document is no longer available here but can be found on the National Archives website).
– which ensures they are as accurate, fair and consistent as possible. The figures will continue to be revised each year as the ONS revises its population estimates for the following year.

Most CCGs will receive a higher RCA total under these new arrangements, although there are some areas where there has been a reduction in the projected population, and consequently local CCGs will receive a lower overall RCA.

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