New Arrangements for Commissioning Support Services in South Yorkshire

Ming Tang has been appointed as Director for Data and Information Management Systems at the NHS Commissioning Board and will be leaving her role as Managing Director of South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) later this month.

Alison Hughes, Managing Director of West Yorkshire CSU, will now also take responsibility for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw CSU.

The changes have been designed to ensure maximum stability and support for CCGs as they continue to prepare for and progress through authorisation.

They will also enable commissioning support services in both areas to continue to develop and improve their service offers and maximise new opportunities for the benefit of customers.

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One comment

  1. John Olivier says:

    Lets hope Ming can show some of the brilliance she displayed at HCS (Healthcare commissioning service)
    in her new role on the NCB, go on Ming go for it……………….